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New things

Like most people, when new things come out I am immediately attracted to them, in the IT community you can often push this a little further and grab at things before they are ‘new’. I first started using gmail and … Continue reading

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Host switch

Any frequent users of any of the services run on the domain might have noticed that a lot of things have begun to forward to At the beginning of the month I got an email from the people … Continue reading

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BNC Accounts

Well some people have been pestering me on IRC lately for BNC accounts, so I thought i’d make a bit of information available. You probably wont be able to get a BNC if you are looking here, the path of … Continue reading

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Darwin the IRC RuneScape stats bot

Over time I have ran quite a few IRC bots, IRC being Internet Relay Chat for people without the know. An IRC bot, is a bit of script or program that does automated tasks on a chat channel. Now, KHBOT … Continue reading

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Well just a few days ago I got accepted for the gmail for domains beta, basically you point your dns at google, and then let it handle your mail, currently I have a 25 ‘user’ limit (I’ll get to that … Continue reading

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Another borked system!

Its rare that I make a post that isn’t related to this site or to the connected people, but today I’ve decided that I will expand on this, from now on, I’m going to start posting random crap into a … Continue reading

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