Morning, well it not literally morning now, or probably when you end up reading this, but for the sake of making me make sense, assume that it is, I usually do anyway.

Well thanks to Kami’s (kamz0r) influence I’ve started to play ‘Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’ and also now got an Xfire account (khobbits) if anyone wants to join me, I’m a little noobish at these sorts of games, and my aim needs definite work on it, but its starting to improve, and I at least give others someone extra to target, and sometimes act as a human shield.

Other news, hmm, I’ve completed my RSBar a kinda world switcher based in JavaScript so no external programs needed, just a nice simple html world switcher. If anyone’s interested or worried just check the code, its all nice and plain, but missing comments, so you’ll need to know a little JavaScript to understand it. I’m hoping its not against any Runescape rules, oh I also included a little high scores lookup box in the top up bar. If you’re a runescape player I recommend you check it out!

Edit: Due to new runescape rules and policys the rsbar has been disabled.


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