Another borked system!

Its rare that I make a post that isn’t related to this site or to the connected people, but today I’ve decided that I will expand on this, from now on, I’m going to start posting random crap into a separate category with some techno-babble and other random web rubbish :p

For people who are interested you can still use the categories down the side to filter out what’s probably worth reading, most of our personal stuff will go in the ‘personal’ folder, and stuff related to my websites and that sort of stuff will be dumped in ‘site’ and the corresponding sub folder.

Hmm the first topic is probably a quick glance at the screwed up .eu registration, it was a good idea but the way they’ve got about it is pretty screwy, they’ve thrown together a badly managed system and can’t be assed to fix it. There’s a nice article here about it. The result is cheating firms get cheap .eu domains to sell for thousands of pounds.


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