Always loved this guy….

I was just waking up checking my chat channels to see what was up, make sure there wasn’t any problems or anything I needed to deal with, and to set my nick as away instead of asleep, that was when I found a nice snippet from Kami a post from CAD. Its a great comic and I’ve read it for years, but as quickly found out he has a nice rant on their that I firstly agree with and also find remarkably funny. He also has a good idea

I’d like to announce that I just signed a multi-million dollar contract with a private firm to open the first of many CAD Hotels…The rooms won’t contain a bed, a bathroom, or those stupid little desks that nobody uses. Instead, one entire wall will be comprised of a projection video screen, and all of the latest games will be available for play for only $2.95 a minute.

Only if :D! Even if you don’t follow the comics, you should be able to relate with the rant anyway, oh the attached comic can be found here.


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