Super glue vs Keyloggers

Anyone who spends a lot of time on computers and uses passwords should know the danger of key-loggers, from people who play web games to people who use online banking should be aware of the danger of having people log passwords. I’m still not sure if Bede’s actually does key-log, but I’m pretty sure places like public libraries do, and if not purposely someone will have installed one somewhere along the line. I was just reading a few news articles on my /ig homepage when I found a little article on key-loggers and a famous bank attempt. The article starts like this…

This wonderful little gadget is for sale over at Thinkgeek. It is coloured an innocuous IBM grey so no one will notice when you attach it to their keyboard. It fits between the back of the PC and the keyboard cable. It needs no power and it can record 130,000 keystrokes.


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