New things

Like most people, when new things come out I am immediately attracted to them, in the IT community you can often push this a little further and grab at things before they are ‘new’. I first started using gmail and windows 7 when they were both early on in their beta and was impressed with what I found, the same might be said for wordpress 3, it seems to improve on 2.9, in much the same way 7 improved upon Vista. I’m also looking forward to trying out the new Ubuntu 10.04, which I would expect to be even more impressive.

While personally I’m not a strong believer of linux on the desktop environment, I prefer it on my server and in my devices, I just don’t find it as useful on the desktop. It will however be interesting to see how well it fairs at work, when I install it on a currently unused server.

I won’t however be upgrading my server from 8.04 quite yet, I did a little trial run on a copy and found it to break quite a few things in the upgrade. I will probably be waiting ’til Virtualmin GPL officially supports 10.04, and then use the import/export tool to move users over to a fresh 10.04 install.

I also finally got around to picking up a new computer chair, my old one was doing no favours to my back or posture. Office images following.


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