BNC Accounts

Well some people have been pestering me on IRC lately for BNC accounts, so I thought i’d make a bit of information available.

You probably wont be able to get a BNC if you are looking here, the path of least resistance is to bug Allegra in #kh, but unless she knows you, you’ll probably get nothing out of it. If you for some reason think I’d accept you where the Allegra path failed, you could drop me a pm.

The chat channel for KHBNC is #kh, although users don’t have to idle here, although on occasion you may find yourself there after a BNC outage or large update.

Rules: Apart from not using the BNC to spam, the only other guideline is don’t do something that spoils the experience for other users, ie, getting banned from a channel, and switching BNC host, just gets BNC hosts banned from channels, and I wont put up with that sort of thing.

This BNC is ran with the money donated to the service, it currently costs around £2.50 a month, so 60p or $2 donations from members that can pay every now and again are welcome.



Edit: updated a little of the information.


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