Well just a few days ago I got accepted for the gmail for domains beta, basically you point your dns at google, and then let it handle your mail, currently I have a 25 ‘user’ limit (I’ll get to that in a second) and it looks pretty neat. I have quite obviously as the email domain, although I suppose I could have used anything else…

Well it has a 25 ‘user’ limit, by user it means accounts, not email addresses…. For each account you get a basic sign in name, that is the name they sign in at your domain sign in url (I set to forward there), you also get to add as many ‘nicknames’ as you like, which are just alternate emails, I have such as khobbits,kh,admin@ that sort of thing. A nice extra feature is built in email lists, where you can set up a list of accounts to send to, nice for sites you want more than one person to get error reports etc from.

I just finished setting up a forward account, I’m hoping it will allow me to set up email for people who don’t want a separate email inbox, or I to have to waste an account just to set it to forward to others, so I set up an account, which I can add unlimited nicknames too, and told that account for filter by address. I think this should work for most circumstances, I assume this wont work for email forwarded to this email via another account though, seeing as its only filtering by the ‘to:’ box…


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