Host switch

Any frequent users of any of the services run on the domain might have noticed that a lot of things have begun to forward to At the beginning of the month I got an email from the people who currently host who have decided to go bust. Basically by the start of April it wont be long before stops being hosted, I have hosted with Dreamhost, as part of the signup deal I got two domains for free, but they refuse to host due to it having been previously hosted with them for a period of a few weeks back when I was scratting around for hosting after I just bought the domain.

I do have a few ideas about how I can keep the domain active but I don’t see any reason not to move everything to which no matter which way I deal with, will be better hosted.

If anyone can find an issue with any of the domains I manage don’t hesitate to drop me an email. I’ve yet to set up for email, so use the old domain for now.

Edit: Oh no I moved host again, but forgot to make a post about it. This time I got sick of Dreamhost and moved to my self managed Linode VPS. This was useful as i was able to merge all my hosts onto one box. Although I’m not sure if it saves me any money, at least I get experience managing a *nix (Ubuntu) server.


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