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Darwin the IRC RuneScape stats bot

Over time I have ran quite a few IRC bots, IRC being Internet Relay Chat for people without the know. An IRC bot, is a bit of script or program that does automated tasks on a chat channel. Now, KHBOT … Continue reading

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Someone sick of all crapware you get upon new computers these days has built an app to ‘decrap’ your computer. The program called ‘PC Decrapifier‘ targets typical Dell machines but should work for any computer sporting the typical crapware. Beware, … Continue reading

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Thirteen-year-old tries to steal a Steam account

Sometimes you read something that you just have to share, not only share but archive… “A kid tries to contact someone over MSN in an attempt to coerce him into dropping password details, and gets a little more than he … Continue reading

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Finished school, waiting for my exam results. That pretty much sums up the academic front most things. My parents went on holiday for the last week of term and are due back on tomorrow. It for the most part has … Continue reading

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The solution to all my myspace worries

The ultimate bug fix for myspace. <style> div {display: none} table {display: none} </style>

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Microsoft claim Google Spreadsheets is so 10 Years Ago

“The innovations we’re delivering in Excel in terms of new usability, new visual user interface advancements, support for collaboration and business intelligence with things like Excel Services are so far beyond [Google Spreadsheets] that it’s like watching a time machine … Continue reading

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