Monthly Archives: April 2006 Mail!

Well just a few days ago I got accepted for the gmail for domains beta, basically you point your dns at google, and then let it handle your mail, currently I have a 25 ‘user’ limit (I’ll get to that … Continue reading

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Myspace the truth is out…

I was trying to do my homework, some of the work I’ve got left over from not doing very much over the half term, when someone throws a link to this article on digg this is something I’m quite glad … Continue reading

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Super glue vs Keyloggers

Anyone who spends a lot of time on computers and uses passwords should know the danger of key-loggers, from people who play web games to people who use online banking should be aware of the danger of having people log … Continue reading

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Always loved this guy….

I was just waking up checking my chat channels to see what was up, make sure there wasn’t any problems or anything I needed to deal with, and to set my nick as away instead of asleep, that was when … Continue reading

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Another borked system!

Its rare that I make a post that isn’t related to this site or to the connected people, but today I’ve decided that I will expand on this, from now on, I’m going to start posting random crap into a … Continue reading

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