Author: Khobbits

  • BNC Accounts

    Well some people have been pestering me on IRC lately for BNC accounts, so I thought i’d make a bit of information available. You probably wont be able to get a BNC if you are looking here, the path of least resistance is to bug Allegra in #kh, but unless she knows you, you’ll probably…

  • Darwin the IRC RuneScape stats bot

    Over time I have ran quite a few IRC bots, IRC being Internet Relay Chat for people without the know. An IRC bot, is a bit of script or program that does automated tasks on a chat channel. Now, KHBOT was a creation of mine which stood the torrents of time, that is until I…

  • Decrapifier

    Someone sick of all crapware you get upon new computers these days has built an app to ‘decrap’ your computer. The program called ‘PC Decrapifier‘ targets typical Dell machines but should work for any computer sporting the typical crapware. Beware, although the tool specifically targets apps shipped with a new dell machine it will remove…

  • Petals Around the Rose

    Ok, for all you mathematically thinking people out there, and for people who think they can add, I have a game for you.  The game starts with someone (or a computer) with 5 dice, they are rolled and you are asked the answer, now typically you don’t know, so you are told. The dice is…

  • Sitting here.

    At this minute I’m sitting in front of Firefox, writing this post in a Firefox add-on called ‘performancing‘ it’s a little extension which makes a bar pop up at the bottom of the window to allow you to write something on your blog without stopping what your doing normally, although I suppose its better than…

  • Sometimes you find the most interesting things in weird places.

    “On this old Children’s show, there are many obvious sexual suggestions. Absolutely Hilarious if above intended viewing age!” It is a copy of Rainbow which seems a little over the top, it is the right cast though. It reminds me listening to the lyrics to the original ‘Barbie Girl’ song. Watch YouTube Clip | digg story

  • Thirteen-year-old tries to steal a Steam account

    Sometimes you read something that you just have to share, not only share but archive… “A kid tries to contact someone over MSN in an attempt to coerce him into dropping password details, and gets a little more than he bargained for.” read log | digg story 

  • My 18th

    Guess what, it’s now my birthday, and I just hit 18, I know most people will now be expecting a mature adult, but the people who know me should really have more reasonable expectations.