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Words referencing system

No doubt by now anyone in further education has come across the latest version of Microsoft’s word processor. The new ribbon layout has managed to confuse students to the point of reverting to previous versions. It isn’t however a step … Continue reading

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Living conditions

If you’ve been paying attention in #kh (on swiftirc) or other channels you might share with me, you’re probably aware that for the most part of the year I live in student accommodation. While I’m living at university all of … Continue reading

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Mozy Back

There is a post on lifehacker at the moment about different online backup services, and the leader in the polls seems to be mozy back. I’ve been using mozy back for a few years now, and for the most part … Continue reading

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Host switch

Any frequent users of any of the services run on the domain might have noticed that a lot of things have begun to forward to At the beginning of the month I got an email from the people … Continue reading

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Sinking Currency, Sinking Country

It’s been a while since I blogged about any post I found on digg, but I read this article (rant?) today about the diving dollar, and why it’s not going to get much better and thought I’d stash it somewhere, … Continue reading

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BNC Accounts

Well some people have been pestering me on IRC lately for BNC accounts, so I thought i’d make a bit of information available. You probably wont be able to get a BNC if you are looking here, the path of … Continue reading

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