Apparently Barcelona is a popular place for container based conferences.

Since starting this blog, technology has changed and evolved. The first posts on here, talked about MySpace, Digg, Google/IG, and homework, which is somewhat jarring, in that it’s not awfully different (Facebook, Reddit, Google’s Discover Feed, and work), but also a different world.

These days after spending years learning about cloud technologies, devops practices, and linux init systems, the current technology everyone is chasing is either IoT, or containers (sometimes both).

I’m shortly heading off to Barcelona for the second time in 6 months, this time for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon. I recently attended DockerCon, and after the experience I gained there, it just made sense to jump at the chance to do something similar again.

While I can say I prefer the experience of being behind the scenes, running around trying to solve problems, like I did at Insomnia Gaming festivals, or the Minecons, attending such big events as a attending professional is worth the visit.

I’ve talked before about the experience attending meetups, and trading war stories, but the experience of being at a full conference, surrounded by peers for a few days, is something I hope every IT professional can get the chance to do.

As it happens, this time around my employer wasn’t able to help out with the costs, but I decided to pay my own way, and attend the event anyway. Between the sessions, and the socials, I’m expecting to more than make back my investment.


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