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The last blog post on here, was my first real post about Essentials. Essentials is a Minecraft server plugin, based on the Bukkit server mod. The purpose is to basically turn the basic vanilla server into a platform that can … Continue reading

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I briefly mentioned in a earlier post (Minecraft) the Essentials Bukkit server mod, for the game Minecraft. The server plugin adds a basic set of admin/staff tools to a server, and can add a lot of easy to use tools … Continue reading

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For several years now, I’ve been using SVN to serve as a versioning system, and also for backup. There are several folders on my hard drive which contain script and code which I would be rather upset if I lost. … Continue reading

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One of the more interesting things to hit the geek scene at the moment is Minecraft. For quite some time now, in just about every Linux or programming medium I use I come across discussion of Minecraft. By most definitions … Continue reading

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Dropbox is a free service which creates a folder on your hard disk which it mirrors both online and with other machines you have also installed the service. Therefore it allows you to carry certain files with you, no matter … Continue reading

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Where should my data go?

At the moment, I store my data in 3 places: Windows and programs run from a single 300GB hard drive (which I would like to upgrade to a solid state drive sometime soon). My user folder is dumped onto a … Continue reading

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