Dropbox is a free service which creates a folder on your hard disk which it mirrors both online and with other machines you have also installed the service. Therefore it allows you to carry certain files with you, no matter which PC you visit, either by installing the application, or accessing the files online. It works pretty much without hitch, you start with 2gb of space, but you can buy larger accounts or accumulate space via referrals.

Extra space:

  • Sign up using a referral.
  • Get people to sign up using a referral.
  • Link an academic email address.
  • Link your twitter/facebook.

Uses for Dropbox:

  • Keeping an online backup of files you would rather not loose in the event of a computer malfunction.
  • Keeping documents synchronized between home and office computers.
  • Keeping files synchronized between desktop pc and laptop.

Add-on features which are rather damn cool:

  • A separate public folder that anyone can access if given the correct URL.
  • A separate photo gallery you can place photos in for web viewing and sharing.
  • Works with symbolic links so you can place application settings (and game saves) inside the Dropbox folder.
  • Mobile version for most smartphones.
  • Shared folders, you can share a folder with another Dropbox user so the contents are synced across both of your devices.
  • Restore deleted files.


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