Shortly after getting my degree (BSc Network Computing), I was given the chance to move to London. This was a bit of a surprise, and happened almost out of the blue when Seiji Okamoto (Friend from University and contributor to Essentials) got a job in London, and was looking for someone to help pay rent.

The first year in London was somewhat tame, as I spent a good chunk of my time still working on Essentials (which didn’t provide an income), and a bit of Job searching. This meant I was somewhat limited in what I could do, as exploring would have quickly ate into my savings.

After getting a permanent job or two I’ve had the chance to spread my wings a bit and get to know more of the city. I had a friend visit last year, who was asking about what they could do as a tourist. This didn’t really go very well as the only time I’ve visited tourist attractions was on the couple of times my parents popped down to visit me.

Seemed silly that I’d been living permanently in London since 2012, and hadn’t done half of the 10 top things on a “Tourist’s guide to London”.

While not exactly London, I’ve made a commitment to see more of the south, and booked a trip to see Bath and Stonehenge next month. I’m missing the education in what exactly is worth seeing down here. But I figure I should at least visit, Kew, Cornwall and Dover.


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