Minecon #2

I guess I just don’t get around to posting on here very much.

It has been a year since the last Minecon, and it has been an interesting year. I was invited to be a speaker at Insomnia Gaming Festival 49 (i49), which was great fun. Got to meet a lot of awesome people, including HatFilms, Skydoesminecraft and BebopVox. I also got to meet some friends which I had missed at Minecon 2012.

After Insomnia my next event was Minecon 2013, this time in Florida, where I got to meet up with Andrewkm and Skylexia two of my good friends from Ecocitycraft. At the last moment got roped into running the Spigot booth, and even ended up doing a couple interviews.

One of the highlights to Minecon was the people who remembered me. I got to meet friends I made at i49. At one point before Minecon opened, Skydoesminecraft came running up and hugged me, followed shortly by Dinnerbone doing the same (although I might have coerced him a little into that one).

The whole experience, being a little bit of a celeb, was great fun. I signed a few autographs and posed for a few photographs. While I don’t think my public speaking at either event was great, it is improving, and should be much better the next time I’m up on stage.

Releasing this post, it’s been sitting as a draft for 6 months.


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    Khobbits, haha. Long time since I heard that name.

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