The last blog post on here, was my first real post about Essentials. Essentials is a Minecraft server plugin, based on the Bukkit server mod. The purpose is to basically turn the basic vanilla server into a platform that can be used to host a online community. Without a plugin suite like Essentials, a player base of more than a handful can be painful to run. See my full post for a bit more information on this.

I’ve just recently came back from Minecon2012, an annual Minecraft convention, which this year was hosted at Disneyland Paris. Due to the expensive nature of Disneyland and the cost of the Minecon ticket itself I had initially expected to not be able to attend, but Andrewkm, the server owner of EcoCityCraft, offered to sponsor part of the costs of the visit and kindly paid for my ticket and room. Andrewkm, is one of the nicest members of the Bukkit community I’ve come across so far, and oft donates money to Essentials. Although inn exchange we generally address the bugs he reports a little faster than normal, but it’s just good business to keep the people who feed you happy.

Because Andrewkm offered to pay for the room, it turned out that all of the Essentials lead development team would be able to attend, so we decided to turn it into the first Essentials meetup as well. So for the first time, the lead developers got together in the same room. snowleo and ementalo are people who I’ve worked quite closely with now for over 20 months, but before Minecon2012 had the chance to meet.

Minecon in itself was rather interesting. While the highlight was probably meeting up with the EssTeam, I also got to meet various other people who I’ve spoken with on several occasions but never met. Some of the most notable being people from the Mojang and Spout team. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to meet the HatFilms guys in person (despite standing within 2 meters of the guys on more than one occasion, I did hear that pretty much every Minecraft server at Minecon was running our software.


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  1. KHobbits is the best 😀 <3

  2. Khobbits, Its Zeldo(Kavira)! It’s been fucking forever man, I am on EsperNet (Zeldo) you should drop me a line!

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